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Monday, January 28, 2013

Teachers Supporting Teachers Update!

Exciting news!  The Teachers Supporting Teachers campaign in December after the shooting that occurred in Newton, Connecticut was such a success!  After a month of donating proceeds, our campaign coordinator Kristin Young (Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten - blog), announced that we surpassed the goal of $1000 with a grand total of $2,155 for the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary!  WOW!

Thank you to those who purchased from my store in December/January.  I donated 100% of my sales to this campaign! 

Be blessed!

We support Sandy Hook}

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kindergarten Chattiness!

Since this is my first year in kindergarten (after being in 3rd and 4th grade for several years), I have been somewhat concerned about the noise level in my classroom!  At times, well in all honesty, most times....it is noisy in my classroom.  Is this normal? I am used to telling my 3rd and 4th graders "No talking!" and they actually work on an assignment without talking.  So far, this rarely happens in my kindergarten room! 

So....I was doing some reading in my husband's developmental psychology book (actually helping him with some homework so he could do his Calculus homework!  Shhh!  Don't tell!), and according to Vygotsky (I think!) children use private speech - which in little ones is talking out loud, to themselves and others - about what they are doing.  For example, when working a puzzle, they will verbally say out loud what we are thinking in our head, "turn it this way", etc...  Well, I know that sometimes my kiddos are doing this, but other times, they are just visiting with their neighbors! 

Anyway, I guess I am trying to make myself feel better because my room seems to be so noisy - especially during learning centers.  Any other kindergarten teachers have this problem? Or is it not really a problem???

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We have been learning about penguins the last few days. We started our little study with three "What do you think?" questions...... Do penguins have feathers? Can penguins fly? Do penguins live at the North Pole? Here is what our chart looked like....  The students answered by placing sticky notes that said "yes" or "no". 

Here is an adorable penguin craft that I found on Pinterest.  I could not find a name of the creative person who first did this.  It is made from an empty water bottle, felt, feathers, wiggly eyes, cotton and construction paper.......and of course, lots of glue!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big News!

I know this is not teacher related and will not in any way help you with your students, but I just have to share my big news!  My son is engaged!!!  Zack proposed to a very sweet, adorable, and beautiful Christian girl - Shauna, and she said, "YES"!  I am so happy and excited for them!   I just have to share some photos!!!

I am so blessed! 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Penguin Fun with Word Families!

Just finished one last unit before I head off to bed....back to school tomorrow...on a one hour delay! 
This unit is perfect for helping beginning readers sound out short vowel words.  It includes 25 different word families!  Hope you will check it out in my TPT store.
Happy Teaching!!

Color & Number Words

If you need another activity to help you reinforce color and sight word recognition, I have created one for you.  This one has a spring them of "In like a LION. Out like a LAMB" with adorable lions and lambs.  Check it out in my TPT store! 


More Sight Word Activities!

Another sight word game....This time with a Jungle theme.  This includes 20 more Kindergarten sight words  It is from my Heart Word download....List 4.  Click on it to see the preview in the TPT store.  

Hope you like it! 


The sleet and snow hit in western Kentucky last night, soooo I'm home on a Snow Day! Yippee!!!  I needed another day off anyway - the nasty flu bug hit me over the weekend, and I'm still recovering.  I've had so many students with confirmed flu cases....I knew it was just a matter of time before it got me, too.  You know with all those germs flying around the classroom. No matter how many times we tell them to cover their mouths...you know.....  YUCK!  Anyway.....

Since I had the time and am feeling better, I made a FREEBIE for you (and me)!!  Hopefully you can use it either for a small group or even your whole class to help them learn those pesky sight words.  This download goes with List 3 from my Heart Word unit that contains 80 sight words that I teach in Kindergarten.  You can find Heart Words in my TPT store for only $2 if you are interested in it. I love calling sight words "Heart" words because we have to learn them my heart!   I have made additional bingo games for List 2, and will soon have more for Lists 1 and 4.  List 2 is called Penguin Sight Word Bingo (TPT store).  ENJOY the FREEBIE!!

Happy Snow Day!!! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Penguins and Sight Words!

I've been disappointed that my students are not progressing as I think that should in learning their sight words.  I have complained to my assistant about the lack of parental support.  Since I can do very little to change this, I've decided that I have to do something about my problem...the answer is to spend more time teaching sight words in class.  DUH!!  Stop complaining and get busy, Right?!!!! 
So, I made a center to work on the list that we seem to be struggling with. Here it is!


I hope you will check it out in my TPT store!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Teachers Supporting Teachers to Help Sandy Hook

Last day to make a purchase from my TPT store with half your purchase going to help Sandy Hook teachers!

Teachers Supporting Teachers
Click on the icon to find more about it.  Go directly to my TPT store using link on left side of blog to make a purchase!  HURRY!  Only a few more hours!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't miss this AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

Kindergarten Giveaway
Check out this awesome give away.  So many resources that you could win for your classroom!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Letter of the Week Crafts

I have compiled several pages of craft ideas for the letters of the alphabet!  I don't know about you, but I spend so much time searching for simple, yet cute crafts for my kids to make each week.  I decided to put together a file so I wouldn't have to search again next year.  So, after dressing it up a little, I have it ready for you, too. Click on the picture below to check out this resource in the TPT store.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Penguins and a Snowman

Today my students made these adorable penguins. The pattern is from a TPT product called Penguin Pals by A Cupcake for the Teacher.

The second picture is my door decoration- a snowman looking up as the snow is falling. Isn't it a cute idea? Found it on Pinterest!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Listening - I'm sitting here listening to one of my favorite shows on HGTV Property Brothers.  I've become hooked on HGTV.  I simply love seeing what they can do to such a run-down piece of property.  Maybe my future career will be on Love It, or List It! (my other favorite show)

Loving - I'm loving my life!  God gave me a second chance at happiness when I married DC in 2009.  He is such an outstanding man!  I've been talking to my son who is trying to find a ring to purchase for his girlfriend (Shhh!) This makes me so excited.  I just love his girlfriend!! I could just keep listing blessings!  Loving life!!

Thinking - I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT CHRISTMAS BREAK IS OVER!  School starts back tomorrow.  But, once I see their adorable faces, I will be just fine!

Wanting - I want to be more organized.  I seem to have mastered the art of wasting time.  Wondering if I am ADD because I simply jump from one task to another.  It takes me forever to finish things.  I'm supposed to be finishing  up my grade cards right now,  but what am I doing???? :)

Needing - I need to get ready for bed since I have to get up early for school.  Might be a difficult task in the morning since I have been sleeping in every day for the last couple of weeks....

OLW - One little word that I need to remember is PATIENCE.  This word can be applied in every area of my life.  God has plans for me, my family, my career, my future, ..... I'm not the most patient person in the world!  I have to learn to wait!  

You can get your very own "Currently" by visiting Farley at http://ohboy3rdgrade.blogspot.com/


The Last Days of Christmas Break.....

Well, it is my final day of Christmas break.....It is hard not to feel disappointed as I am trying to get ready for school tomorrow. I love being home, but when I'm at school, I love teaching! Isn't that crazy? I'll be just fine when I get up in the morning, get to school, and see all my kiddos! But for now.... I'm trying to enjoy my last hours of vacation! Thought I would post some of my family Christmas pics,...
The lighting in this picture is not great, but this is my husband (DC) and me! I hate posting pics of me....and YES...one of my resolutions is to lose some weight and get in shape...
My oldest son, Zack and his girlfriend, Shauna...
My sons - Zack and Colby....ignoring me!!
And...my daughter, Courtney (in the middle) with her cousins - Abigail and Sydney. We were truly blessed with a Christmas full of fun family moments!!! But, now.....I have to get back to working on the grade cards that must be sent home with my kiddos THIS FRIDAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR!