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Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are getting ready for Christmas at our school!!!

I decorated my classroom door with this cute idea that I found on Pinterest!  I just don't know how I came up with decorating ideas before Pinterest!  The kids loved it when they saw it for the first time!!

This is how we decorated my teaching partners door. We thought it went well with the Rudolph on my door....of course, this idea came from Pinterest too!!! 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Opportunity to Help Teachers Affected by Explosion in West, Texas!

Kreative in Kinder has this posted on her blog.....   This is an awesome way for us to help by donating $25 and receiving $150 in TPT products!    PLEASE check it out!  Just click on the Big Red Texas to go to her site.....

The middle school (where my sister in law goes to school) is a complete loss and two other campuses have extensive damage. As a teacher, my first thought is how can I help the teachers? And here is what I came up with…

Oh, how I love my blogging friends and this wonderful community. I reached out to my friends and they were more than happy to help. With their help, I am launching this AMAZING fundraiser. ALL of the money raised will go directly to teachers at West ISD to purchase classroom materials. So here is how YOU can help. By donating $25.00 (and you are welcome to donate more) to this amazing cause, you will get over $150.00 worth of AMAZING products that are sold on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is everything you will get and what each product is worth…

You can click on any of the above pictures to go to each donor’s TPT store and check out their amazing products. 

Again, when you donate $25 (and you are welcome to donate more) you will receive ALL of the above products worth more than $150.00. Just fill in the boxes below and then click DONATE.   (You can find the boxes on her site...)  Click on the link....

Friday, April 5, 2013

 The Cat in the Hat made a visit to Clay Elementary this year!  He was just as mischievous as the Dr. Suess book portrays!   It's a good thing he only visits once a year, or he might spend a lot of time with our principal .... in the office!

My students were trying to tell him how to walk in the hallway.....with bubbles and duck tails!


This bulletin board was too cute not to share with you. 
The first grade class down the hall made this adorable bulletin board of THINGS!!!! 



St. Patrick's Day Pranks!

I had so much fun with the kids on St. Patrick's Day!  Since this is my first year in kindergarten, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  He! he! he!   I  love to play! 

The kids took home a letter that instructed them that we had a Leprechaun problem in our school.  We were finding evidence of a Leprechaun Outbreak!  A door suddenly appeared one day - a very small door for a very small person....   Can you see the very small footprints???

We even found footprints on one of the tables!  AND every crayon basket had been overturned!  It was a mess! 
So the kiddos quickly got those Leprechaun traps built and brought them to school!

The day before St. Patrick's Day (weekend) we entered the room and found this!
And THIS!!!!!

And THIS!!! 

And THIS!!!  WHAT A MESS!!!!  That Leprechaun was in TROUBLE with a Capital T.

However, he outsmarted us!  We were not able to capture him this year!  Hopefully, next year we will have better luck!

However......Mr. Leprechaun did leave us each some GOLD!