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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

100th Day of School

Since we have a 4-day school week, our 100th day is much later than most of yours.   I know that you probably aren't looking for ideas for your 100th day this late, but I still have to share ours.  We had such a blast celebrating.  I found my ideas on Pinterest and from units I purchased on TPT!!!  Enjoy our pics!!!

I just love this project from Deana Jump's 100th day of school unit. 
 It is "IF I WERE 100 YEARS OLD" pictures.  They are hilarious!

My ANGELS!!!!!
Me and my assistant, Stephanie! 
Making our traditional 100 fruit loop necklaces!!!

The finished fruit loop necklaces!  Cool, huh?!

Number search.....numbers with various colored backgrounds posted on walls of classroom.  The kids had to color the boxes on a hundred chart the corresponding color.  Took a LONG time!

These are the numbers for the number search......
Our 100 Collages......
 (Can't remember where I saw this idea, but it is a great one.  The kids loved, and they look great hanging in the hallway!

This is what I had on their desks when they entered the room! 
 (You are One Smart Cookie!  Happy 100th Day!)
Happy Rest of the School Year!!!!!

Some Winter Projects!

We had fun with he book, SNEEZY THE SNOWMAN.  This is a our graph/art work display from Deanna Jump's unit (you can find it on TPT). 

Here are some up close shots of this project....

When we were studying Penguins, we made these adorable ones!



Saturday, February 2, 2013

100th Day of School

I'm getting excited about our 100th day of school! Here's the shirt I made to wear! I actually have 200 things! Shhhh!! Don't tell! 100 letters and 100 google eyes!! Fun! Fun!

And.......Here's the one I made for my assistant, too! She is such a blessing to me, I couldn't leave her out!!!