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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Christmas Literacy and Math Stations

I had the day off, so I have been busy creating math and literacy stations for Christmas!  I'm really excited about it.  You can check out my work by downloading the following FREEBIE  - Christmas Syllables. Just click on the pic to download.   If you like it, check out CHRISTMAS MATH AND LITERACY STATIONS which has 5 literacy centers and 4 math centers. 

Syllable Sorting FREEBIE

Christmas Math & Lilteracy Stations
Just click on pic to go to TPT download site.

Help! I'm new to blogging!

Help me!  I have only starting blogging and don't know much about it yet.  But, I love all the ideas that I am finding from all of you.  I teach kindergarten for the first time ever!  I have been teaching for 21 years, but never before with kinder babies.  So, your ideas have been a lifesaver.  THANKS!  I've also discovered Teachers Pay Teachers and have spent way too much money! :) So, I'm creating some of my own units for myself and for others on TPT.  My questions are...

1.  How do you go about getting others to see your products?
2.  How do you do a RaffleCopter? (I think that is what it is called!!)
3.  What do I really need to know that I probably don't know about blogging?  Selling items on TPT?

Thanks for the input!