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Friday, December 21, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Fun!

This week we have been having a "Gingerbread" week! As I shared the book ("The Gingerbread Man") with them, they loved the repeated lines. Later, they read a version of the story in an emergent reader of their own. Some were so shocked when he was eaten by the fox at the end of the story, but they weren't so upset when they got to eat him later for a snack!! Here is a picture of our gingerbread houses...
Tomorrow we are going to make "Flat Gingy!" Our Flat Gingys will go home for some Christmas adventures with the studetns. I will share more about that soon.... Thought I would share some of our Christmas decor... I always get so many good ideas from you on your blogs. Hope you find something you can use next year.
Watch for my Flat Gingy pics...coming soon!

Adventures of Snowy...the Elf on the Shelf!

The kindergarten kids in my room are having such a good time keeping up with our classroom Elf on the Shelf, SNOWY! He arrived the first day of school after Thanksgiving break and has returned every day....so far! Although one day, Santa sent a note warning my class that they were very close to being moved to the naughty list. However, Snowy begged Santa to give them another chance. When they get a little out of hand now, they quickly return to their best behavior when I remind them of the note that Santa sent about their naughty behavior that dreadful day! (I think my aide and I are having as much fun as they are!!!) If you don't have an Elf in your room this year, you have to try it next year!!! Check out some of Snowy's adventures....
Snowy tried to hide on top of our Christmas tree!
Snowy....playing with Hot Wheels! Vroom! Vroom!
Snowy's message to my class!
Snowy had a party one night. He loves Reece's....notice the chocolate on his nose and face.
Snowy dumped out EVERY crayon in the classroom. It was amazing how fast the kids picked up his mess so Snowy wouldn't get in trouble!
Snowy must have been plum tuckered out! Zzzzz! Zzzzz!
Snowy LOVES to read!
The kids had a hard time finding Snowy today! They thought he decided to stay at the North Pole. More adventures with Snowy to come later!